About Us

Welcome to Thermo Door. A world of boundless possibilities. Allow us to introduce to you our business, our drive, our passion, our integrity.

In an industry where competition is fierce and standards are often low we will deliver a breath of fresh air. We break the outdated, traditional way of offering and delivering your home improvement investment

How it all works

A consultative approach. Our entire team has extensive experience and knowledge of manufacturers and products within the fenestration industry. Our careers to date have seen us working with industry leading brands in the UK and Europe. Together, we all share a common aim – to offer homeowners a far superior way of making this home improvement investment purchase.

Why we dont have our own showroom

Simple. It is our belief that localised showrooms are out of date and not fit for purpose, usually with limited products on display. Thermo Door have solved showroom overhead issues, such as rent and paying for a people to staff the showroom, by partnering with a fabricator in the South East who has a state of the art showroom for us to accompany our customers to view the entire product range should you choose to do so. The enormous cost saving benefit here is passed directly on to the most important people in our business our customers. This is a deliberate action that has been designed to achieve efficiency, enhance your overall experience and lead to customer cost savings.

The best products are only as good as their installation

The correct installation is essential to guarantee perfect operation and a long serviceable life. Thermo-door have highly trained, experienced installation personnel who will ensure your door has a long life by following correct manufacturer installation procedures. This is how we can offer excellent warranties on our doors.

Recommendation …

The best way for you gain real insight into our company, the products and the services we offer is for you to speak to someone that has been through the whole experience themselves. When making such an important property investment its worth making sure you take your time and are confident in the workmanship and customer service that will follow. Seeing an installation first hand gives you the opportunity to see how the products are settling into their location and ask lots of questions; did we meet the timescales of the project, what aftercare was given following the installation, did you find all the staff friendly and knowledgeable?

We guarantee that you will be captivated by the quality of our doors, excited by their installation, amazed to hear about our customer service excellence and eager start your journey to an extraordinary way of living.

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